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SNAP Application Assistance
USDA Compliance and Training

SNAP Application and Assistance Program Provided by APS

APS provides store owners with a SNAP Application and Assistance Program. The APS SNAP Application and Assistance Program is designed to help store owners maintain an active and compliant FNS account and avoid USDA disqualification, fines and civil/criminal action. The experienced SNAP team at APS can assist you with the SNAP application process, FNS re-authorizations and completing the retailer compliance requirements that are enforced by the USDA.
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USDA Training Expectations

SNAP retailers are legally responsible for their actions and the actions of everyone who works in their store, whether they are paid or not. When a retailer applies to accept SNAP benefits, the retailer owner must fulfill certain training expectations required by the USDA. The USDA provides a 20-page training guide that explains program rules, regulations, and policies. The guide also answers all frequently asked questions (FAQ) about topics such as eligible food, SNAP sales tax, manufacturer’s coupons, and your point-of-sale equipment. We strongly encourage all store owners and employees to review the USDA Retailer Training Guide. 

Use a Point-of-Sale System to Accept EBT Payments

Retailers who accept EBT payments should use a robust Point-of-Sale (POS) system. A POS system can track and manage your store inventory with proper categories and detailed financial tracking in the event you receive an alert letter and or EBT sales report request from the USDA.

POS System Hardware

POS bundle includes:

  • All-Touch Cashier Computer "17″
  • 12″ Customer Facing Display
  • TCP/IP Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • PAX S300 Pin-Pad

Camera to POS Integration

Our Camera to POS Integration stops your store’s internal theft! Filter & Find all those fishy and risky transactions (Discounts, Void Lines, No Sales, etc.) throughout the day, and instantly jump to the HD video footage with sound at the click of a button, no more digging through hours of video or unreliable DVR to POS injection boxes with our easy cloud-based system! 

VIP Installation and Support

Our professional installation team will handle the entire installation process including hardware setup, battery backup, router, and all the necessary cables.

Let Our Experienced Team Assist You with EBT Acceptance and Compliance

  • SNAP Application Submission
  • USDA Inspection Requirements
  • USDA Letter Responses
  • SNAP Store Policy
  • USDA Training Requirements
  • Access to SNAP Attorney
  • FNS Reauthorization
  • POS System for EBT Payments
  • Failed Inspections or Violations

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